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Why Advertising On Hold?

Business in the 21st Century...
More than ever before your business is faced with tough challenges. Your costs are increasing. Competition within the marketplace is tightening. Profits are becoming more limited, and your vendors are providing less and less marketing support. Customers have grown more cautious of how and where they spend their money.

Every advertising or marketing dollar you spend has to produce results. Results are dependent upon reaching a qualified audience with the right message.

Who is Your Qualified Audience?
People who call your business are your best prospects -- your most qualified audience. Advertising, your reputation, and even your 800 numbers are all designed to make your phone ring. Call volume and heavy phone traffic are the natural by-products of your marketing effort. Your customers and prospects call to conduct business or obtain information about specific products and services. When they dial your number, you have their undivided attention.

Callers currently spend more time on hold than ever before. According to industry statistics,
70% of all business telephone calls are placed on hold or in a call center queue for an average
of 45-60 seconds. That's an average of 7 out of every 10 calls. For many businesses, that
adds up to hundreds of hours of advertising time per year.

Reaching the Right Audience with The Right Message
The most popular rationale for developing an Advertising On-Hold program is a desire to provide callers with relevant information regarding the nature of their call. The key word is relevant. Your Advertising on-Hold program can be a sales message, customer service message, an informational message -- or any combination you choose. Advertising On-Hold is designed to turn telephone 'hold time' into a vital public relations tool.

An Advertising on-Hold program functions as an extension of your existing advertising strategies by taking advantage of every customer contact. Partnering with Audio Marketing Concepts provides a medium to deliver targeted and compelling messages to your qualified audience.

An advertising on hold program from AMC is the most cost effective marketing tool available today. Compared to other forms of media,  advertising on-hold is a sound investment for your business,resenting unified marketing announcements to your best prospects. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.
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