What does your first impression sound like?

What does your
first impression
sound like?

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We Give Your Business a Voice

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to sound like one.  Audio Marketing Concepts gives you the audio image that competes with your biggest competitors by providing high-quality production services that are surprisingly affordable.

With a wide range of voice and music samples to choose from, Audio Marketing Concepts has you covered. Contact us to find out why businesses choose us to give their business a voice.

The Benefits

Inform and entertain your customers while they’re on hold. With no competition, yours is the only voice they’ll hears.

Reduce hang ups by 50% and sell to your clients while they’re on hold by promoting monthly specials and packages.

The yearly cost of Marketing on Hold is less than one traditional print, radio or television ad and produces an average of 172 hours of direct marketing per year.